Latterell Venture Partners


Our goal is to help entrepreneurs create important new healthcare companies treating major diseases and medical disorders, while producing attractive returns to our limited partners.


LVP focuses exclusively on healthcare ventures, in particular those developing new pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biomaterials, research instruments, healthcare information technologies, and diagnostics.

Our initial investments may range from $50,000 to $10 million, depending on the stage of development of a technology or product. We plan to support our portfolio companies beyond the initial investment through subsequent private equity financings with an expectation to invest $10-$20 million in each portfolio company.

We offer our assistance, advice, and extensive experience to entrepreneurs and expect to spend considerable time working closely with our management teams. We focus our efforts on a limited portfolio of companies in order to be able to provide significant quality time with each of our companies.

We lead or co-lead the majority of our investments, typically serve on the Board of Directors, and make ourselves available to assist and advise entrepreneurs and management teams over the timeframes needed to achieve success.

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