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Pat Latterell

Pat has over 30 years of healthcare venture capital experience in addition to several years in pharmaceutical corporate management as well as performing bench level research in molecular biology and biomedical engineering laboratories at MIT. He has focused on startup and early stage investments, helping to build over three dozen new medical companies in his career, of which more than 25 have achieved IPO’s or successful mergers.

Pat founded LVP in 2001 after having been a General Partner at Venrock Associates for 14 years. Prior to Venrock, Pat was a General Partner at Rothschild Ventures and an executive with Syntex Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Roche Pharmaceuticals), where he helped establish their venture capital investment program. His portfolio includes successful companies such as Cardiothoracic Systems (Guidant), EP Technologies (Boston Scientific), Ensure Medical (Johnson & Johnson), Geron, Integrated Vascular Systems (Abbott), Isis Pharmaceuticals, Microgenics (Boehringer Mannheim), Omniflow (Abbott), Oncomed Pharmaceuticals, Oratec Interventions (Smith & Nephew), Perseptive Biosystems (Applied Biosystems), Pharmacyclics (Abbvie), Proteolix (Onyx/Amgen), Signal Pharmaceuticals (Celgene), Sepracor (Dainippon Sumitomo), and Vical, among others.

Pat holds an MBA from Stanford Business School and SB degrees in biological sciences and economics from MIT.

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