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Aptinyx is developing a new class of pharmaceuticals treating peripheral nerve pain. The company completed an IPO in June 2018 and trades under the symbol APTX.


Calistoga was recently acquired by Gilead Pharmaceuticals for total proceeds of up to $600 Million.  The company was a cancer pharmaceutical company developing cancer treatments targeting PI3 Kinase.

Cellective Therapeutics

Cellective was acquired by Medimmune for proceeds of up to $175 million. Cellective was developing several new pharmaceuticals treating B Cell related cancers and immune diseases. The technology is based on research by Founder Tom Tedder, Chairman of Immunology at Duke University.


Evoke is a specialty pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of products for G.I. applications. The company completed its IPO in September 2013 and trades under the symbol EVOK.




ForteBio was recently acquired by Pall Corporation for $159 million.  ForteBio developed and marketed a new biotech research instrument for the rapid measurement of molecular binding useful in biopharmaceutical R&D.


IntegenX is commercializing a new generation rapid DNA analysis technology for use in forensic applications. The company was acquired by Thermo Fischer Scientific in March 2018.



Meritage was a specialty pharmaceutical company developing products to treat Eosinophilic Esophagitis and potentially other immune disorders. The company was acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals in 2015 for proceeds of up to $245 million.


Naurex was developing several next generation depression pharmaceuticals providing significant improvements over current drugs. The company was acquired in August 2015 for $560M million cash upfront plus additional future milestone payments.


OncoMed Pharmaceuticals


OncoMed is developing a new class of cancer therapeutics targeting cancer precursor cells.  OncoMed completed an IPO in July 2013 and trades under the symbol OMED.


ProteinSimple was acquired by Bio-Techne Corporation for $300 milliion in August 2014.  The company developed and marketed a variety of biomedical research instruments which enable the rapid analysis of cellular components for use in biomedical research and pharmaceutical development.


Proteolix was acquired by Onyx Pharmaceuticals for proceeds of up to $851 million.  The company was developing a new category of cancer therapeutics which target the proteasome. The founding team was from Amgen, Merck, Caltech and Yale.

TetraLogic is developing a new generation of cancer therapeutics based on key discoveries by Professor Yigong Shi at Princeton, relating to apoptosis.  The company completed an IPO in December 2013.


Viracta is developing a new class of oncology therapeutics treating viral induced tumors, with their product targeting EBV lymphomas currently in a phase II clinical trial. The company became public in February 2021 and trades under the symbol VIRX.


Medical Device

Ensure Medical

Ensure was acquired by Johnson & Johnson for proceeds of up to $90 million. The company developed a new bio-erodable femoral closure device to seal the puncture wounds resulting from the millions of interventional cardiology procedures performed each year. The founders include leading engineers from Boston Scientific.

Inova Labs

Inova Labs was recently acquired by ResMed.  It developed and commercialized a new generation of lightweight Portable Oxygen Concentrators for patients with lung disorders who need continuous supplemental oxygen.


Pathway was recently acquired by Medrad, a division of Bayer, for $125 milliion.  Pathway developed and marketed an impressive new atherectomy device for treating peripheral artery disease.

Pulmonx developed and is marketing a new category of diagnostic and treatment devices to treat lung disorders such as COPD. The company completed an IPO in September 2020 and trades under the symbol LUNG.


Revascular Therapeutics, Inc.

Revascular Therapeutics was recently acquired by Boston Scientific.  The company developed an impressive new percutaneous device to re-open chronically occluded vessels which received FDA marketing approval prior to the acquisition.


Transcend is developing a pioneering new glaucoma treatment device with impressive clinical results reducing intra-ocular pressure.  The company was acquired in February 2016 by Alcon/Novartis for proceeds of up to $740 Million.



Healthcare Information Technology

CellBio Sciences


PerceptiMed is developing advanced instruments and analytical tools to assist pharmacies dispensing pharmaceuticals to patients.




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