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The LVP Process for New Investments

Entrepreneurs are welcome to contact any member of our team to introduce themselves and their startup. Typically a summary describing the business opportunity, technology and key people is sent to us to start the process. A business plan is not required. Company ideas or plans in formation are welcome. An introduction from one of our entrepreneurs, advisors or colleagues often serves to accelerate this process.

We will work collaboratively to understand the business, the technology, the markets, and the people involved through meetings and subsequent independent and joint diligence. Typically, two of us will "tag team" on a new venture to ensure that the relevant business and technical or clinical perspectives are contributed to the process.

We are prepared to lead and negotiate private equity investments alone or with other venture capitalists as co-investors. LVP may invest between $50,000 and $10 million at the time of the initial investment and keep adequate reserves to support subsequent financings.

One or more of us will continue to work with the entrepreneur or founding team to build the business over several years. A complete management team at startup is unnecessary. On occasion, one of us may serve as an interim officer, such as the initial CEO or VP R&D, in order to help launch a startup more quickly. Typically one of us will assist the company by serving on its Board of Directors.

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